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Horsemeat Testing

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Findings of horsemeat in burgers in the beginning of 2013 underlined the need for reliable species testing to ensure consumer's confidence in the supply chain.

Eurofins offers a quick and reliable way to detect foreign meat traces within specific food samples to meet the customer's demands for secure food. We provide our customers with a wide range of  ISO accredited qualitative and semi-quantitative tests to analyse meat samples for traces of horse DNA.

Semi-Quantitative Testing

Samples from fresh or processed meat like ready meals can be analysed for the amount of horse DNA. Eurofins uses a "Gold Standard"-method on the basis of specific real-time PCR assays and DNA sequencing of mitochondrial genes to identify the species present in the sample and quantify the amount. The level of quantification can be as low as 0,01% (DNA : DNA)

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1% Threshold Testing

Eurofins offers the determination of the 1% threshold adapted from the method published by the European Union Reference Laboratory for Animal Proteins (EURL-AP) in feedingstuffs.

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Qualitative Testing

According to your needs you may also choose a qualitative test which gives you a yes/ no result for your samples. The samples we analyse with this qualitative Real-Time PCR can be from fresh or processed meat.

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A very cost-effective analysis is offered by an ELISA antibody screeing test, which also gives you a yes/ -no -result, but only for unprocessed samples.

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For questions on either of these tests or to discuss details regarding your samples, please contact us.