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Eurofins meat testing kits for animal species identification with real-time PCR

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Eurofins offers a complete kit portfolio for animal species testing in food and feed samples containing meat or other components of animal origin.

Besides kits for DNA extraction, Eurofins offers real-time PCR kits for identification of all relevant animal species in meat samples:

  • DNAnimalIdent Beef (detection of bovine DNA)
  • DNAnimalIdent Pork (detection of porcine DNA)
  • DNAnimalIdent Lamb
  • DNAnimalIdent Goat
  • DNAnimalIdent Horse (with IPC)
  • DNAnimalIdent Turkey
  • DNAnimalIdent Duck
  • DNAnimalIdent Chicken

The meat test kits include either 96 or 100 real-time PCR reactions, positive, negative and inhibition controls.

Our validated evaluation algorithm prevents false positive or false negative result. An automated sheet makes the evaluation of results very safe and convenient.

Furthermore, Eurofins offers a 1% threshold test kit and reference material for horse semi-quantitative threshold testing, the DNAnimal Horse Quant  1% kit.

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