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Eurofins TAG™ - DNA Based Meat Traceability

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Eurofins TAG™ is a DNA based meat traceability system. Confronted with increasingly international food supply chains this method helps to secure the traceability along this chain and to meet the consumer's demands for full proof of origin - "from farm to fork".

With the help of DNA analyses a unique fingerprint from each animal can be taken. This fingerprint then serves as a tracer in all products processed from a certain animal. The animal's origin, and therefore the meat's quality, can easily be traced.

What is Eurofins TAG™

  • Control samples are taken from animals before slaughtering. The DNA information is then stored in a database. Afterwards samples from food can easily be taken for cross references.
  • Eurofins TAG™ has proven its effectiveness in  a large trial involving over 14,000 animals.
  • Eurofins TAG™ offers a simple and low-cost method offering reliable traceability of meat products.

Please read more on Eurofins TAG™. Please contact us if you should have any questions. Also, we are happy to help if you are unsure if a quantitative species identification or rather a qualitative test is the optimal solution for your specific needs.

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