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Authenticity Testing

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Authenticity Testing Methods

Eurofins DNA Laboratories are able to offer a wide range of ISO accredited DNA tests to meet the different needs of our customers. With different approaches we can solve all your requests, starting from simple screening tests for foreign DNA via qualitative DNA determination for 1 up to 2 species and ending with our top-of-the range semi-quantitative DNA test for up to 11 species in one sample.


Semi-quantitative Real-Time PCR + DNA sequencing for
3 species: Beef, Pork, Horse or
7 species: Beef, Pork, Horse, Sheep, Goat, Chicken and Turkey
8 species: 7 + Red Deer or Donkey or Duck or Buffalo
9 species: 7 + Red Deer and Donkey
11 species: 7 + Red Deer, Donkey, Duck and Buffalo

- Semi-quantitative result for DNA amount of species contained (percentage range)

- Very low limit of quantification (0.01%* DNA)

- Confirmation of identified species with independent additional method (sequencing of mitochondrial DNA)

Standard 7 days

(3 days rush available)

1% threshold analysis

- analysis according to the protocols published by the EURL-AP

- reporting at a threshold of 1%

Standard 5 days

(24h and "same day" are available on request)

Qualitative real-time PCR (1 or more species)

- Qualitative result (yes/no)

- Very low limit of detection (0.01%*)

- Fast result

Standard 3 days

(24 h and "same day" available)

Qualitative Real-Time PCR EURL-AP

Method published by the European Union Reference Laboratory for Animal Proteins in feedingstuffs Standard 5 - 7 days

(24h and "same day" are available on request)


- Screening test

- Very cost effective

Standard 6 days

(48h and "same day" available)